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A dial caliper is a measuring tool mostly used by machinists, mechanics, and woodworkers. Dial calipers are extremely versatile and can make a wide range of measurements. It has to have many qualities to be the best dial caliper, which we will discuss here.

One important fact about dial calipers is that they have two scales with a dual reading mechanism. One scale measures the inside dimension of an object, while the other scale measures the outside dimension.

For example, if you measure the thickness of a piece of wood using your dial caliper, it would read out as .75 inches on one side and 3.5 inches on the other side. This type of measurement lets you take quick measurements between different objects without having to switch from one tool to another.

There are currently dozens of manufacturers that produce consumer-grade dial calipers. While they may be very similar in function and appearance, some slight differences exist between models. For example, the Anytime Tools Dial Caliper is a tool that has a duel reading scale and 0.01mm/0.0005″ / 0.1mm/0.005″ resolution. It has stainless steel robust body. That makes it a very popular tool for professional and personal use.

Top Picks: 5 Best Dial Caliper

# Preview Product
1 Anytime Tools Dial Caliper 6' / 150mm Dual Reading Scale Metric SAE Standard Inch mm

Anytime Tools Dial Caliper 6" / 150mm Dual Reading Scale Metric SAE Standard Inch mm

2 HFS (Tm) 0-6' ; 4 Way DIAL Caliper 0.001' Shock Proof New ; Plastic CASE

HFS (Tm) 0-6" ; 4 Way DIAL Caliper 0.001" Shock Proof New ; Plastic CASE

3 6' Dial Caliper 0.001 Stainless Steel Shockproof 4-Way Measurement with Plastic Case

6" Dial Caliper 0.001 Stainless Steel Shockproof 4-Way Measurement with Plastic Case

4 Fowler 52-008-706-0, Premium Dial Caliper With 0-6' Measuring Range (White)

Fowler 52-008-706-0, Premium Dial Caliper With 0-6" Measuring Range (White)

5 Mitutoyo 505-742J Dial Caliper, 0.1' per Rev, 0-6' Range, 0.001' Accuracy

Mitutoyo 505-742J Dial Caliper, 0.1" per Rev, 0-6" Range, 0.001" Accuracy

Top 7 Best Dial Caliper Reviews- 2022

1. Kynup Digital Caliper

Kynup Digital Caliper, Caliper Measuring Tool with Stainless Steel, IP54 Waterproof Protection Design, Easy Switch from Inch Metric Fraction, Large LCD Screen (6 Inch /150mm)

Kynup digital caliper is made of stainless steel, the large LCD, widely used in industries of precise instruments, electronic accessories, health care products, etc. This best dial caliper is convenient and practical. With a measuring range of 0-6″, you can widely use it to measure length thickness dimension. It has strong hardness and durability, ensuring a long working life span. 

Key Features

Metal Body

The body features a high-precision dial caliper strain gauge load cell sensor system with anti-magnetic shielding. The metal body ensures a long working life span for frequent use under harsh conditions. It comes with a probe and two sets of jaws. Its compact size makes it easy to carry along or store in your toolbox.

Large LCD Display 

It is very easy to read & operate. It shows unit as inch/mm; clear fraction displays 1/32″. With memory, the function can save last used data automatically even if power off for easy repeat using next time. You will also get 3 batteries. One is installed and the other two as spare.

Easy to Switch

Switch easily between metric or imperial units at any time without changing parts or recalibrating the instrument. All this lets the user work efficiently, quickly, and accurately. The special treatment process normally works well in a humid condition or rain/water wet environment, suitable for outdoor working.


  • Easy to measure depth, step, external and internal diameter
  • Low battery indicator & Auto-off
  • IP54 Waterproof protection design.
  • Easy reset function.


  • In someplace, you may require an adapter or converter.

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2. Anytime Tools Dial Caliper

Anytime Tools Dial Caliper 6' / 150mm Dual Reading Scale Metric SAE Standard Inch mm

The Anytime Tools Dial Caliper is a precision measuring device that is usually used to measure an object’s internal or external dimensions. This has a dual reading scale measured in metric dial caliper or standard units and a 6″ / 150mm capacity. The scale is easy to read, and the caliper is made from durable metal construction for long-lasting use.

Key Features

Duel Reading

The Anytime Tools Vernier scale caliper simultaneously shows dual reading, both inside and outside measurements. With a 150mm length and 0.01mm/0.0005″ / 0.1mm/0.005″ resolution, this dial caliper is handy for measuring within the work area or on large projects such as sheet metal fabrication and machining at a machinist bench or toolbox level of comfort without taking up space. 

Adjustable Contact Pressure

This model also features an adjustable contact pressure that enables ultra-thin measurements. The lock nut on its spindle ensures accurate adjustment under heavy loading conditions. The quick-release thumbnut allows fast-changing of measuring tips.


This product is designed with hardened stainless steel for added durability. Anytime Tools is proud to offer the best precision measuring tools on the market. This Dial Caliper of 6″ / 150mm dual reading scale is a perfect example. This tool is made of the highest quality materials and is highly accurate. It is perfect for both professional and home use.


  • Body made of durable metal construction.
  • Stainless steel that is hardened is used throughout.
  • It is fully covered with a rack of stainless steel.
  • 001″/.02mm of graduation.


  • You may require an adapter or converter in some places.

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3. Starrett Dial Caliper

Starrett Dial Caliper Measuring Tool 3202-6, Hardened Stainless Steel Metal, 6 Inch Range, 0.001' Graduation, Measure Inside Outside Dimensions and Depth, Carry Case Included, White

The Starrett Dial Caliper is a top-quality measuring dial caliper tool that is perfect for use in various applications. This precision instrument is made of hardened stainless steel and has a 6-inch range with 0.001-inch graduation. You can use it to measure inside and outside dimensions and depth. The Starrett Dial Caliper also comes with a handy carry case.

Key Features


The Starrett Dial Caliper is a precise measuring tool that is perfect for various applications. This tool is made of hardened stainless steel and has a 6-inch dial caliper range. The graduation of the Starrett Dial Caliper is 0.001 inches, making it an extremely accurate tool. It can be used to measure inside and outside dimensions as well as depth.

Accurate Measurement

Starrett Dial Caliper is a device used to measure an object’s internal or external dimensions with great accuracy. It has a Vernier scale which provides readings to thousandths of an inch or a tenth of a millimeter. This dial caliper is also equipped with fine adjustment gearing, enabling the user to make very precise measurements.

Versatile Usability

The dial caliper is a very multipurpose tool. You can use it for various applications like measuring an object’s width, depth, and thickness and the diameter and radius of a circular object. This dial caliper can also be used to measure the height of an object. It is a very accurate instrument and can measure at a glance of an eye.


  • Thumb-operated adjustment roll
  • Offers sharp, precise dial graduations
  • Stainless still and durable body
  • Best calipers for machinist


  • It can be damaged if dropped

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4. HFS 4 Way Dial Caliper

HFS (Tm) 0-6' ; 4 Way DIAL Caliper 0.001' Shock Proof New ; Plastic CASE

A caliper is a tool used to measure the dimensions of an object. It can be used in many different applications, such as measuring the depth of a hole or the distance between two points. This HFS 4 Way Dial Caliper is made by HFS and has a dial with four scales on it. You can use it to measure diameters on things like screws or drill bits, or even just to check if something fits together well when you are building something.

Key Features

4-way Measurement Scale

An HFS 4-way dial caliper has four different measurement scales: 0-6 inches, 0-2 mm, 0-50 mm, and 0-1 mm, respectively. It can measure the length of an object in any direction with an accuracy of up to 6″.

Plastic Case

It comes with a beautiful plastic case that comes in very handy. You can keep the caliper in the box after finishing your work. It will keep your tool dust free and clean for your further use. It is also a great item to gift anyone who needs a dial caliper.

Shockproof Design

The steel used in this item is made of solid hardened stainless steel, making it durable and strong. The body of this caliper supports smooth sliding, and as a result, you will get an accurate measurement in every single use. It will not rust or oxidize, even if left in water or a wet environment. It is a safe product that is also easy to clean. 


  • The double shockproof design featured
  • Higher quality ensures in a lower price
  • Recommended for professional or home DIY use


  • The gear will seem slightly tight at first use.

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5. Accusize Industrial Tools

Accusize Industrial Tools 0-12 inch by 0.001 inch Precision Dial Caliper, Stainless Steel, in Fitted Box, P920-S212

Accusize Industrial Tools is a company that manufactures and distributes precision tools and equipment. One of the company manufactures products is the 0-12 inch by 0.001-inch Precision Dial Caliper. It is also accurate to within 0.001 inches. This caliper is ideal for various applications, such as mechanical engineering, tool and dye making, automotive engineering, and quality control.

Key Features

Stainless Steel Body

This caliper is accurate to 0.001 inches and can measure objects up to 12 inches in length. This tool is great for measuring the width of a board or the diameter of a pipe. The caliper is also stainless steel, so it is durable and easy to clean. A flawless adjusting slide gives you the correct measurement in every single use for fine adjustment.

Fitted Box

This caliper is made of stainless steel and has a fitted box. This fitted box that the caliper comes in is also great for storing it when it is not in use. It can keep the metric dial caliper dust free and clean. 

4-way measurement

It is a great tool that allows 4-way measurement as per your demand. It can take Inside, outside, and depth measurements of any object. Its satin chrome finish is best to slide smoothly to take the perfect measurement. Its crisp engraved graduations make it rust free and handy to use.


  • Clamp for repetitive setting
  • It has a covered rack
  • A quality tool with a low price


  • It can be damaged if it falls off

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6. EAGems Digital Caliper

Digital Caliper, Durable Stainless Steel Electronic Measuring Tool by EAGems; Get IP54 Protection and Precision Fractional Measurements in SAE/Metric 6 inch/150mm with Large LCD Vernier Calipers

The EAGems Digital Caliper is perfect for taking fractional measurements in SAE/metric units. The tool has a large LCD Vernier caliper, making it easy to take precise measurements. It also has IP54 protection, making it resistant to water and dust.

Key Features

Stainless Steel Body

This caliper is made entirely of stainless steel and glides smoothly with no harsh or sticky movement. Metal calipers survive longer than plastic or carbon fibre calipers. When you receive it, there are no dead or weak batteries. It is immediately identifiable because it is enclosed in a bright red protective enclosure.

Versatile Usability

Now you can stop spending time seeking separate SAE and Metric measurement equipment because it can convert inches, millimeters, and fractions all in one tool. It also measures the diameters and steps and the inside and exterior measurements. It also has a depth gauge on it. You can zero differential measuring at any stage.

LCD Screen

It’s an excellent way of avoiding feeling frustrated by inaccurate or imprecise measurements. It has an LCD screen. So. it removes the difficulty of viewing fine lines on a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. It also has a precision of.0005 inch,01 millimeters, and 1/64″. Furthermore, the IP54 rating provides exceptional fluid and dust resistance.


  • Higher value and quality at a reasonable price
  • Best calipers for machinist
  • Coverage minimum 2-year warranty 
  • Set screw can slide easily and lock


  • You may require a converter or adapter in some places.

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7. iGaging Dial Caliper

iGaging Dial Caliper 6' Fractional & Decimal Inch Combination Dual Scale

The iGaging Dial Caliper 6″ Fractional is a precision measuring tool perfect for a wide range of applications. This caliper is extremely accurate and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for any project. The iGaging Dial Caliper 6″ Fractional is perfect for measuring small objects and distances with its fractional markings.

Key Features

Metal Construction

The caliper has a sturdy metal construction and a clear, easy-to-read dial. It is also equipped with a locking mechanism to ensure accuracy and prevent accidental movement. The iGaging dial caliper is a handy tool to have in your workshop or toolbox. It can be used for various tasks, including measuring the diameter of a pipe or the width of aboard.

Accurate Measurement

This dial caliper can measure fractions of an inch. It is also able to measure in millimeters. The caliper can do this by having a fractional scale engraved on the barrel. The caliper also has a locking screw to keep the jaws in place. The jaws of the caliper are also precision ground. The caliper can also zero out so that you can measure from the jaws and not the base.


This caliper can measure in both inches and fractions of an inch. It has a dial indicator that is easy to read, and the knurled thumb roller makes it easy to operate. The Dial Caliper 6″ Fractional is a great tool for any workshop or home garage.


  • Build for professionals
  • Thumbwheel for accurate adjustment
  • Contains an adjustable Bezel.


  • The case is slightly hard to open for the first time.

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Best Dial Caliper Buying Guide

measure with dial caliper

A dial caliper is one of those instruments that may come in very handy from time to time when doing small fabrication or repair work around your house or shop. It can accurately measure inside or outside dimensions, depth, etc. It is also used in the industry for accurate machining and inspection work. First of all, do you make sure that it is helpful for you?

Which Metal is Used?

These instruments are typically made from cast metal parts with hardened steel jaws for durability purposes – they are not intended to take high impacts or be dropped. They are best used as a stationary tool. You should not expect them to provide accurate results if they are taken from their original “home” and forced into awkward positions such as trying to measure small objects with your hand or upside down on the floor etc.

How the Jaw Moves?

When making a purchase decision, be sure that the jaw width is adequate for what you intend on measuring and that it is large enough so that it does not impede your view of the dial graduations when taking measurements. Also, some models have adjustable jaws, which can come in convenient depending on what you need to measure.


If there is one thing you will notice immediately after using these instruments, they are sensitive. Dial calipers will tell you the slightest of contact and even air movement if you apply enough pressure to them. That can be a problem when taking measurements on delicate objects such as thin sheet metal, plastics, etc., so take care and use caution with these instruments.


The best dial calipers will allow you to make very tiny adjustments to the reading. That can become important when measuring an object that has tight or small tolerances, such as screws or threaded holes, etc. 

Plastic or Metal Dial Caliper?

One notable difference is the material used to make the device. Dial calipers can be manufactured using plastic or metal. Plastic dial calipers are lighter than metal dial calipers. However, they have a lower maximum load capacity.

The best way to determine which type will best suit your needs is by identifying what you plan on measuring with it often? For example, if you only plan to measure small objects, then a plastic dial caliper would be best. If you need something capable of taking more extensive measurements, then a metal dial caliper is best.

How to Read A Dial Caliper? 

Using these tools takes some practice but typically isn’t too tricky once you’ve gotten the hang of it. The following steps will help you get started:

Place Your Object

Place your object on a flat, stable surface that won’t shift or move while being measured. ·   

Make sure to place the object so that whichever side is closest to you is flush with whatever surface you measure up against (e.g., the edge of a table). · If you are using a dial caliper or digital caliper, make sure to use an extension rod if necessary so that it doesn’t have contact with any other objects while being used.

Open the Jaw

Open one jaw on your tool all the way and rest it next to where one of your surfaces will be touching the table’s edge. If using a digital caliper, make sure the jaws are open all the way by using the release button to retract them. · Rest your object up against whichever jaw is opened and then use your fingers to slide the other jaw over until it contacts your object. 

Take Measurement of One Side

If you don’t feel like measuring both sides of an object, you can always measure just one side (otherwise known as taking an inside measurement). Just take note of which side you’re resting against before making any measurements; once finished, flip it around and rest it up against that surface instead.

Taking Outside Measurement

Taking outside measurements follows a similar principle. Just make sure to take one outside measurement, flip your object around where it needs to be, and take the other side’s measurement.

Taking Measurements of Both Side

To get an inside or outside diameter reading, hold down the button on top of your caliper while you slide its jaws. So that they fit directly over the widest part of your object, keep holding this button in place while you read off measurements from the dial counter-clockwise, starting with 0 at the furthest point away from you.

How Does A Dial Caliper Work?

A dial caliper is a tool used to measure the exact thicknesses of an object. It works by taking measurements on the outside of the thing, which is displayed in a digital reader above the device’s handle.

Calipers work best with flat objects or cylindrical objects but can also be used for other objects as long as they are measurable using one of these techniques. The best way to use them is 

  1. Place the object flush against an edge on one side of what you want to measure.
  2. Then track across towards another edge on the opposite side. 
  3. Once there, you unlock them to be placed around the object you’re measuring. 
  4. After this point, you turn on the instrument before reading off numbers from its display.

Calibrating the dial caliper is simple and can be done using a screwdriver. That ensures it remains accurate for future use after calibrations are made.

How it Works

A dial caliper uses two legs that can be adjusted and locked into position to form an enclosed assembly around an object. One leg has a pointed probe at its tip and rests against the inside edge of one surface being measured; meanwhile, the other leg has a fixed search and rests against the outside edge of the same surface. The open space between these two legs is measured to get an accurate distance or length.

The components that measure the gap are located on the slide assembly. When you push this back and forth, it slides one leg closer to another until it finds an object to rest up against so it can determine how far apart they are. Then, you get your reading by measuring how much movement there was in this slide assembly!


Q. What Are Dial Calipers Typically Used for?

Ans. A dial caliper is a tool used to measure an object’s thickness, width, or depth. It has a movable arm with a pointer and a dial that reads the distance the arm has moved. This type of caliper is also called a Vernier caliper.

Q. Are Dial Calipers More Accurate Than Digital?

Ans. Digital calipers are similar to dial calipers, but they have digital readouts instead of dials. Digital calipers can be more accurate than dial calipers because they have an electronic readout that is less affected by external factors.

While digital calipers are accurate, they are also limited. They have a fixed scale, and they can only measure linear distances.

Dial calipers have a variable scale and can measure both linear and angular distances. That means that they are more accurate and versatile than digital calipers.

Q. What Are the Steps to Using a Dial Caliper?

Ans. There are many steps to measuring and using a dial caliper. These points will show you how to use a dial caliper in different situations and the best practices for each one.

  • Select the length of the measurement
  • Place the point of the dial at zero
  • Place the other point of the dial at the desired measurement
  • Move pointer up or down until it clicks into place
  • Read measurement from pointer
  • Repeat steps 1-5 for other measurements

Q. What Kind of Calipers Are Most Accurate?

Ans. The accuracy of a caliper is determined by the number of teeth on each side of the jaw. This tool is mainly used to measure the thickness or width, such as metal, wood, or plastic. It’s also used to measure the depth and distance between two surfaces.

The most accurate calipers have more than ten teeth on each side. Remember, there is no single type of caliper that is most accurate. It depends on the specific application and the user’s preferences.

Q. How Do You Zero a Dial Indicator?

Ans. Zeroing a dial indicator is a process that can be confusing to learn. It is also difficult to remember the steps and the order of operations required.

To zero a dial indicator, you need to make sure the pointer is in the center of the scale. You then move the pointer around until it reaches zero on both sides.

The last step is to move the pointer back up to the center and read off your measurement.

Q. Where Are Dial Gauges Used?

Ans. A dial gauge is a tool that measures pressure and torque using an internal rotating disk with calibrated markings. Dial gauges are widely used in the automotive industry for tire inflation, checking engine oil levels, or measuring the torque applied to an object being turned by hand or by a machine tool. 


There is not an ultimate answer to this question, as the best dial caliper for you will depend on your choice, specific needs, and preferences. However, some of the most popular and highly rated models on the market include the Anytime Tools dial Caliper, the Kynup digital Caliper, and the iGaging dial Caliper.

You’ll want to consider various factors when purchasing a dial caliper, such as the size of the caliper, the precision of the measurements, and the materials from which it is made. Make sure to do your inquiry before purchasing to ensure you find the model that is best suited to your needs.

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