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A micrometer is a measuring device (instrument) that is usually used to measure the internal or external diameters of a wide range of components. It is an extremely accurate tool that would last forever if well maintained and accurately calibrated. I remember when I started working for a company as a technician and in my first six months, I have already broken three such tools due to mishandling.

The funny thing was, I went in with the best of intentions but still ended up with busted equipment. Today’s digital micrometer is safer, thanks to its unbreakable design, they are reusable and extremely accurate. A digital meter is so easy to use and its appearance makes you feel like you are using something futuristic but you are actually using an instrument that has been around for nearly two centuries.

Most Accurate Micrometer Reviews

1. Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer

Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer, Inch/Metric, Ratchet Stop, 0-1' (0-25.4mm) Range, 0.00005' (0.001mm) Resolution, +/-0.00005' Accuracy, Meets IP65 Specifications

Mitutoyo America Corporation is the world’s largest provider of measurement and inspection solutions offering the most complete selection of machines, sensors, systems, and services with a line encompassing CMM (coordinate measuring machines), vision, form, and finish measuring machines, as well as precision tools and instruments, and metrology data management software.

Mitutoyo 293-340-30 is the best micrometers so far that we recommend. It has excellent quality both for standard use and also for professionals.

Plenty of brands claim they provide precise measurements, but Mitutoyo is one that’s ready to provide it. As the name suggests, Mitutoyo is manufactured in Japan and is kept to the high standards of Japanese manufacturing. In the digital caliper industry, Mitutoyo is well known as the go-to brand for reliable quality.

That’s partly because with Mitutoyo, you can be assured the caliper you receive won’t fail to meet the manufacturer’s specifications or otherwise be defective because every Mitutoyo caliper is tested in their factory. After being hand-tested by experts, the responsible staff members personally sign a certificate of inspection to be included with each caliper they sell.

Mitutoyo digital micrometers are really good, accurate. There is no question about the Mitutoyo micrometers for the most accurate result.


  • Excellent Resolution 0.001 mm / 0.00005″. A 0.001 mm resolution micrometer is the standard spec your micrometer has to exceed today.
  • Outstanding Accuracy ±0.001 mm / ±0.00005″. According to the comparison that we made, you’ll realize that this Mitutoyo 293-340-30 has the highest accuracy ±0.001 mm. This value is gained from a series of scoring and mathematical formula process. To explain it in an easy way, the smaller the value the better it is.
  • Traceable to NIST. Based on the certificate of inspection, they use a standard that is traceable to NIST. In other words, the measurement that the micrometer did is also traceable to NIST.
  • Meets IP65 dust and water protection rating. Actually, we consider IP54 as the standard IP rating for a digital micrometer. An IP65 rated micrometer exceeds the required standard.
  • Imperial Reading on thimble and sleeve scale (for manual reading). You need to wait for minutes in order to receive a new battery if it’s off. The manual scale is available in imperial graduates, with the same resolution.
  • Origin function button. This function lets you set your zero position and the value.
  • 1,2-year battery life. Not only is the friendly battery price, but the micrometer is also energy-efficient.
  • Smooth thimble turn. Such no friction feeling. It undoubtedly feels how smooth it turns.
  • Auto-off. You can use it and forget it.
  • Carbide-tipped measuring faces. This is what yours posses nowadays. If the faces are easy to scratch, the accuracy is unreliable. A micron size scratch can affect the measurement.
  • Warranty. It comes with a one-year warranty. Your satisfaction is their attention.
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2. iGaging 0-3″ Digital Electronic Outside Micrometer Set

iGaging 0-3' Digital Electronic Outside Micrometer Set 0-1', 1-2', 2-3' Large LCD

Range: 0-3″ (Calibration standard included) 2 measuring modes Metric/Standard Large LCD Display Absolute & Incremental Modes Accuracy +/- 0.00016″

If you are looking for a quality digital micrometer set, you have come to the right place with this choice from iGaging. With 3 different micrometer options, you can measure from 0-1”, 1-2”, and 2-3” that all include an LCD screen. All the measuring sizes are calibrated and have measuring modes that are standard and metric.

With an accuracy measurement within .00016”, you can expect this iGaging micrometer to be on the money. This high-precision tool uses a crisp and clear reading that is durable enough to withstand the harshest of environments.

A decent size display and simple button layout adorn the face of the tool. With the press of a button the micrometer switches units from inches to millimeters. The ability to switch between absolute and incremental measuring modes is available too. Nothing too out of the ordinary is present in the normal use of the mic. Like most other digital micrometers, this one from iGaging has a little more weight to it than a standard micrometer. Some don’t like the added weight because they feel it makes it harder to maneuver around their workpiece. With a little time and use, I don’t believe the weight will bother anyone.

Digital Electronic Micrometer with a large and easy-to-read display. Micrometer digitally reads in Inches and Millimeters. The “EZ MIC” has a very practical design, which makes it easy to use. This electronic tool has 2- Drives for fast and accurate measuring, with its quick drive and the friction ratchet drive.

The Measuring spindle is hardened and ground with a carbide anvil to ensure durability and accuracy. Avery well-made unit, is IP54 splash water, oil, and dust resistant tool which meets or exceeds the Federal Accuracy Standard.

The Micrometer comes in a durable plastic storage case and an operating instruction manual.

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3. Mitutoyo America Μm Series 293-with Dust/Water Protection

Mitutoyo America 293-348-30 Coolant Proof Μm Series 293-with Dust/Water Protection Conforming to IP65 Level, 1' Height, 1' Wide, 1' Length

The best micrometer so far that we recommend is Mitutoyo Series 293. It’s a great choice for everyone who wants a high degree of measurement accuracy, smooth thimble operation, a solid, durable feel, and long-lasting use. For greater precision, it gives you a measurement range of 0 to 25 mm. You can’t go wrong with this precision. If you are going to take a very precise measurement, this is what you are looking for.

The Mitutoyo Series 293 is designed to resist dust and water. The product even meets the IP65 rating. The IP65 rating means that it has been tested to be dustproof, waterproof, and resistant to these elements. Since interference can confuse the reading, this is absolutely one thing that determines its accuracy.

On the other hand, there is an LCD screen and 3 buttons (origin, zero / ABS, hold). Powered through a single SR44 battery. Normally, it can last 1.2 years. In case it’s off, you could still use them. Manual scale is available in inch reading. This of course gives you the possibility of being able to use it to your liking and convenience depending on your needs, the important thing is that you will have two precision options.

Of course, when using Mitutoyo Series 293 manually you will not be able to use the innovative options offered digitally, for example, hold retains the arrogated data so you can use this readout conveniently, this can be inconvenient if you run out of batteries and you are used to using this type of screen reading, so keep your battery up to date and everything will go as you expect.

In general, there is no doubt that we recommend the Mitutoyo 293 Series. It is precise, multi-purpose, solid, and durable, which is why we have included it in the first position of our list, with this tool you do not have to worry for a long time to acquire a new model, everything you need you can do through this unit properly and very easily.

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Mechanical or digital micrometer?

Mechanical micrometer means those that work on the basis of mechanical components inside the tool, such as the screw and dial micrometer. While the digital micrometer applies the electronic principle to make a measurement. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages:

  • Mechanical Micrometer: Measuring with a mechanical micrometer requires you to manually calculate reading scales. It may take some time to calculate for some people. Other than that, user error can also occur. Furthermore, they are also relatively less precise in terms of resolution. However, they are relatively cheaper, do not need a battery and work in any conditions.
  • Digital Micrometer: When people need to quickly read the reading, digital micrometers can handle it conveniently. The highlight of digital micrometers is their easy-to-use and fast reading capabilities. Most importantly, it has a higher resolution than the mechanical model. However, the price is much higher.

What to consider when buying a digital micrometer


The price and the quality affect the overall value of a micrometer. The tricky part is that they really only come in two types, cheap and expensive. There isn’t much middle ground. The hard part is that price does not equal quality. Brands vary wildly in terms of quality. Mitutoyo is one of, if not the best micrometer manufacturer and their quality is in line with their prices. Expensive but worth it to the right user.


Anyone who wants or uses a micrometer needs an accurate measurement. The question is how accurate? Experienced users know the tolerances they need when it comes to a measuring tool. This micrometer measures 0.00005” or .001mm and that is likely overkill for most people unless they work in a machine shop.

Many might not even know the amount of accuracy they need. If this is the case, you would likely be perfectly fine going with a digital caliper. Like micrometers, calipers have a big range of prices. The difference is that calipers are quite a bit cheaper on average than micrometers.

If you are just getting started when it comes to measurement, think about Mitutoyo calipers if your budget allows or this VINCA caliper. Mitutoyo is pretty consistent with their quality across most of their measuring tools but the VINCA caliper comes pretty close at a much cheaper price.

Absolute or incremental mode

Measurements can be taken in two forms. Absolute values or incremental values. Not all digital micrometers have incremental mode.

Absolute gives you a measurement from a zero point. For a 1-2” micrometer, the zero point would be 1”.

Incremental measures from a specific standard. Using the same 1-2” micrometer in incremental mode would allow the zero to be set at something other than 1”. The display would then read the deviation from the standard you are using such a set of gauge blocks.

IP rating

Micrometers are usually rated at one of three IP ratings.

No rating which means there is no protection. Be especially careful around coolant.

IP54 means dust can get into the tool but it won’t affect it and splashing water is fine. This is usually enough for most use cases.

IP65 is protected from dust and any amount of water that it would normally be exposed to. Anything over this is overkill.

ingress protection (IP) ratings solids description
ingress protection (IP) ratings liquid protection

Data ouput

An SPC output lets you send measurements to a printer or computer. Most won’t need this feature, but it could come in handy in a high volume machine shop.

With this function, you can display, save and analyze the measurement data on other devices, such as computers or tablets. Here are some available interfaces we found so far:

  • SPC cord. This is similar to the USB cable.
  • RS232 data cable connection. A typical data connection to a computer.
  • Wireless bluetooth. This is for wireless data transfer.
  • Wireless USB There will be the sender and the receiver.
  • Special cable manufactured by the company.


We have reached the end and luckily we have been able to offer you good references that will surely be able to meet each of your measurement needs, these Digital Micrometers shown above were carefully reviewed, taking out their best features and quality/price ratio so that in this way you can get one at an affordable price but asking for a quality product.

We also provide you with a completely complete buying guide so that you can have a more complete idea of ​​what these tools consist of and thus determine what purpose you will give your new micrometer to select the most appropriate one, we hope we have done you a great favor and that you enjoy your new acquisition.

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