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Traveling for astronomy can be a wonderful experience for amateur astronomers who want to escape light pollution and visit remote locations with dark skies. You’ll need the best portable telescope that’s easy to unpack and set up in minutes if you want to have a successful astronomy vacation. Heavy equipment that necessitates lengthy setup and tear-down sessions is a waste of time.

To get the most out of your telescope, you’ll need something that can give you stunning views of the night sky. The last thing you need is to go through all the trouble of shipping your compact refractor across the globe, only to be disappointed by the views it provides.

There is a wide range of options available for both beginners and experts when it comes to the best portable telescopes. Our team of astronomy nerds has put together a list of the best portable telescopes for astronomy travel. So, read on to buy the best portable telescope easily.

Top Picks: 5 Best Portable Telescope

# Preview Product
1 Celestron - 80mm Travel Scope - Portable Refractor Telescope - Fully-Coated Glass Optics - Ideal Telescope for Beginners - Bonus Astronomy Software Package - Digiscoping Smartphone Adapter

Celestron - 80mm Travel Scope - Portable Refractor Telescope - Fully-Coated Glass Optics - Ideal...

2 Telescope 80mm Aperture 600mm - Astronomical Portable Refracting Telescope Fully Multi-coated High Transmission Coatings AZ Mount with Tripod Phone Adapter, Wireless Control, Carrying Bag. Easy Set Up

Telescope 80mm Aperture 600mm - Astronomical Portable Refracting Telescope Fully Multi-coated High...

3 12x56 HD Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Adapter, Upgraded Tripod, Hand Strap - High Power Monocular with Clear Low Light Vision for Star Watching - Lightweight Monocular for Bird Watching Hunting

12x56 HD Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Adapter, Upgraded Tripod, Hand Strap - High Power...

4 Celestron - 70mm Travel Scope - Portable Refractor Telescope - Fully-Coated Glass Optics - Ideal Telescope for Beginners - BONUS Astronomy Software Package

Celestron - 70mm Travel Scope - Portable Refractor Telescope - Fully-Coated Glass Optics - Ideal...

5 Unistellar eVscope eQuinox - Smart Digital Reflector Telescope - Computerized, Go to Portable Astronomy for Beginners & Advanced Users, Adults or Kids - Comes with Tripod, Alt-Az Mount and Control App

Unistellar eVscope eQuinox - Smart Digital Reflector Telescope - Computerized, Go to Portable...

Top 10 Best Portable Telescope Reviews

1. Gskyer 70mm Telescope

Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Kids Beginners - Travel Telescope with Carry Bag, Phone Adapter and Wireless Remote

You can explore the vast universe of astronomy with this excellent, low-cost telescope, the Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount. This has all the usual features you’d expect. It’s sturdy and well-built and has a low asking price. Combining these components gives you the best portable telescope you can buy, use, and enjoy without having second thoughts.

All of these factors have contributed to this telescope’s success as a top seller. Because it’s practical and easy to use, backyard astronomy can now be enjoyed by anyone.


  • Magnifying system: The magnifying system comes with two interchangeable eyepieces as well as a 3-x Barlow lens. Each eyepiece has a 3x Barlow lens to triple the magnification power.
  • Optics: 400mm focal length with f/5.7, 70mm aperture, high transmission optical coatings lens to protect your eyes and create stunning images. This telescope is perfect for exploring stars and moons.
  • Tripod: It includes a travel bag and an adjustable aluminum alloy tripod that allows flexible viewing positions. The tripod and telescope both fit inside the bag, making it easy to transport and store.
  • Free wireless remote: Includes a smartphone adapter and a wireless camera remote control, allowing you to capture amazing celestial images and observe the nature of the world.


  • Low-pressure telescope at an affordable price.
  • Compact and portable, the telescope is easy to carry.
  • All-glass optical system with a fully coated surface.
  • Perfect for young or novice astronomers.
  • It comes with a wide range of accessories.


  • Assembling it out of the box is a bit of a hassle.

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2. Celestron Travel Scope 70 Portable Telescope

Celestron - 70mm Travel Scope - Portable Refractor Telescope - Fully-Coated Glass Optics - Ideal Telescope for Beginners - BONUS Astronomy Software Package

The Celestron Travel Scope 70 Portable Telescope is a wonderful beginner scope at a moderate price. The best part is that it is a lightweight and portable telescope. It provided excellent views of the Lunar and planets for a camping telescope on such a modest budget. We could see the outlines of craters and Saturn’s rings. We can’t compare it to the Hubble Space Telescope, but it was a great weekend activity.

High-quality, entirely-coated glass optics, a 70mm lens, and 2 eyepieces are all included in the scope. The full-size tripod is robust, light, and compact enough to fit into the backpack. It was simple and quick to put together. You can download a free astronomy application that is highly rated. A free download of a top-rated astronomy software application is included. We were also able to see terrestrial things through the scope.


  • High-quality optics: The Celestron 70mm Travel Scope features one of the industry’s best 70mm lenses with fully coated surfaces.
  • Eyepieces: This telescope included two powerful eyepieces (20mm & 10mm) for close-up observation of astronomical and terrestrial elements.
  • Lens: This refractor telescope has an extensive 70mm objective aperture lens that delivers better views than the 50mm type while adding minimal weight.
  • Included accessories: The included travel bag allows you to transport the telescope and tripod anywhere. Additionally, you can download highly rated astronomy programs for FREE with this accessory.
  • Warranty: An US-based team of experts will provide you with unlimited technical support with a warranty for two years.


  • A low price.
  • Bright views with 70mm aperture.
  • Ultraportable telescope, very light in weight.
  • The backpack is made of high-quality material.


  • Intermediates might find it too simple

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3. Gosky 12×55 High Definition Monocular Telescope

Gosky 12x55 High Definition Monocular Telescope and Quick Phone Holder-2021 Waterproof Monocular -BAK4 Prism for Wildlife Bird Watching Hunting Camping Travel Scenery

The Gosky High Definition Monocular Telescope has a magnification of 12 x 55, enabling you to see images at a distance of at least 12 times closer. It’s an excellent monocular for taking a hike, watching birds, or simply admiring the scenery. They have a BAK-4 prism for better vision, in addition to a multi-layer green coating on the objective lens and a light filter to make the image brighter.

It’s made of tough rubber armor that makes it more resistant to drops and the elements. It’s also easier and simpler to grip, thanks to the rubber. Waterproof, dustproof, fog proof, and shockproof are all features of this monocular. It has an angular field position of 6.5 degrees and can see up to 325 feet away.


  • High-powered: monoculars promise brighter, clearer views on all of your outdoor excursions.
  • Magnifications: With a magnification of 12×55, you’ll get the best view possible during your hiking trips. The 55mm objective wide lens allows you to see 12x closer with a bright and clear image. Hiking, climbing, hunting, ball games, bird watching, concerts, and observing wildlife and scenery are all possibilities.
  • Long eye relief: In comparison to other monocular sets, this high-end set stands out for its long eye relief and twist-up eyecup!


  • Powerful magnification makes it possible for a closer look with bright images.
  • This device is perfect for bird watching, hiking, hunting, surveillance, etc.
  • The rubberized body controls shock absorption.


  • It may be challenging to find the phone mount.

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4. Surefect Nasa Lunar Telescope for Kids

Surefect Nasa Lunar Telescope for Kids Capable of 90x Magnification, Includes 2 Eyepieces - Portable & Easy To Use Lightweight Portable Telescope

If you’re searching for a simple and affordable telescope for your children, then the Surefect Nasa Lunar Telescope for Kids is a good option. It is ideal for kids who are interested in exploring the night sky.

As it is portable and compact, it can be easily carried and transported. Besides its 90X magnification and its ability to be used on terrestrial surfaces, it also has an extensive viewing angle. A great telescope that children can use and learn with. This is the one we recommend to anyone looking for one for their children.


  • Optics and finder scopes: With this telescope, you can easily find objects using the finderscope and low- and high-power eyepieces built-in. Your child can then use this combination to zoom in to a close-up view of the moon and locate it easily.
  • User friendly: Young scientists and their parents can enjoy this telescope together because it is easy to assemble and use.
  • Detail view: You can witness the moon in incredible detail through the NASA lunar telescope; the perfect gift for children who are interested in space, the moon, or astronomy
  • Easy to mount: Easily scan the surface of the moon with an easy-to-use tripod that steadies the telescope for optimal viewing
  • Portability: Designed to be portable and lightweight, it is an educational telescope for kids. Kids and adults alike will find this telescope to be a perfect travel companion.


  • Quickly locates the moon using the finder scope.
  • The assembling process is simple.
  • Easy to mount on a tabletop tripod.


  • It is made of lightweight plastic

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5. Emarth 70mm/360mm Telescope

Emarth Telescope, 70mm Aperture 360mm Astronomical Refractor AZ Mount Telescope with Tripod & Finder Scope, Portable Telescope Gifts for Kids Beginners Adults

The Emarth 70mm is a refractor telescope that can be used to view the moon, planets, and nearby areas. Coated optical glass provides improved transmission, clarity, and brightness. It also produces images that are correctly oriented.

Because the telescope is intended for children and novice astronomers, it has a simple learning curve and requires no tools to set up. To begin with, it comes with a fully adjustable tabletop tripod made of aluminum. It also comes with a mount that provides stability while watching.

The telescope comes with all of the essential components, along with a travel bag, eyepieces, tripod, and mount, to get the user started right away. It’s a travel-friendly portable telescope that’s small, light, and easy to carry.


  • Tripod: It comes with an adjustable, lightweight aluminum tripod that can be used in various viewing positions, making it ideal for stargazing while on the go.
  • Magnification: It captures striking images with high brightness and clarity with an aperture of 70mm and a focal length of 360mm (f/5.1).
  • Optics quality: Includes 2 pcs 1.25″ eyepieces (k25 & k10mm) for magnification between 14.4 & 36x, and a 5×24 finder scope for quicker object location.
  • Versatility: 70mm telescopes are great for bird watching during the day, as well as observing wildlife, landscapes, and the planet at night.


  • Travelers will appreciate its compact size and lightweight design
  • Features 7 accessories for making astronomy a reality
  • Exceptional value in terms of price-performance
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Clear, crisp images due to enhanced transmission


  • Kids will need more time to focus

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6. Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular Telescope

Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular and Quick Smartphone Holder - Waterproof Fog- Proof Shockproof Scope -BAK4 Prism FMC for Bird Watching Hunting Camping Travelling Wildlife Secenery

This Gosky monocular telescope is a 12 x 50 high-power prism monocular with a cellphone holder. It’s an excellent option for wildlife photojournalists who want to take a break from their camera system.

It is bright and transmits light well for a high-quality image, but it is also long-lasting. This portable telescope is ideal for extreme action-packed outdoor pursuits and can withstand extreme weather conditions thanks to its water-resistant, fog-proof, and shockproof characteristics. Hiking, hunting, and climbing are possible with this portable telescope, as well as bird-watching, ball games, and wildlife watching.


  • Magnification: Get the best view while you’re exploring the outdoors. Thanks to the generous, light-gathering 50mm wide objective lens, you can see 12X closer with a clear, bright image.
  • Lens quality: Large BAK-4 prisms inside and multi-coated lenses make the images more crisp and clear.
  • Rubber armor protection: The product withstands the harshest weather conditions with its tight-fitting protection. Furthermore, it is made out of rubber with stripes that keep it from slipping out of your hands.
  • Resistance: Nitrogen-filling ensures moisture, dust, and debris are kept out. They also provide the waterproof feature that is intact in any weather conditions.


  • Featuring an objective lens with a 50mm width.
  • Designed to provide a clear and bright image.
  • High-magnification for a closer view.
  • Shock absorption capacity is increased.


  • It can be tricky to use.

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7. Celestron – PowerSeeker 80EQ Telescope

Celestron - PowerSeeker 80EQ Telescope - Manual German Equatorial Telescope for Beginners - Compact and Portable - BONUS Astronomy Software Package - 80mm Aperture

Celestron’s PowerSeeker line of telescopes just got better, with yet another solid upgrade from the company in the telescope market. Astronomer beginners get the most benefit from telescopes manufactured by Celestron. Celestron’s PowerSeeker line of telescope accessories continues to impress newbie astrophotographers. People of all skill levels can use these scopes because they’re inexpensive, provide good views, and are simple to operate.

The objective lens diameter of the Celestron PowerSeeker 80 EQ Refractor Telescope is 80mm. It’s small, flexible, and long-lasting all at the same time. It’s a good value for money and a versatile telescope.

When it comes to accessories, Celestron refractors shine because they are small and portable. The equatorial mount and tripod make it simple to locate celestial objects. You will find the 80mm PowerSeeker interesting for quite some time, and its features are sufficient for beginners and intermediate astronomers.


  • Best for beginners: The Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ is a simple-to-use yet powerful telescope for beginning astronomers. For first-time telescope users, the PowerSeeker line offers a great value with plenty of features and power.
  • German Mount: The telescope includes a slow-moving altitude rod on the German Equatorial mount for smooth and accurate pointing.
  • Portability: The telescope is compact, lightweight, and portable, making it great for both kids and adults.
  • Accessories: In addition to 2 eyepieces, a finderscope, an erect image diagonal, and it has a 3x Barlow lens to triple each eyepiece’s power. As an optional accessory, you can download free software for astronomy.


  • The system is easy to use.
  • Having decent power.
  • Refractor with high durability and versatility.


  • Some advanced astronomers might find this unappealing.

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8. Pankoo 40X60 Monocular Telescope

Pankoo 40X60 Monocular Telescope High Power Monocular for Adults with Phone Adapter& Tripod& Hand Strap Low Night Vision Monocular Equipped with BAK4 Prism for Bird Watching Hunting Traveling Concert

Despite its 40X60 size, the Pankoo does its job quite well. Furthermore, it has all the features of other monoculars as well as a beautiful design. In spite of its aesthetically pleasing characteristics, it is more expensive than other models.

You can easily rotate its magnifying wheel with one hand as it is compact and easy to hold. For those who wish to take pictures and record their favorite moments, a smartphone holder and an extendable tripod are included with this one.

As far as 419 feet or 1,000 yards can be seen with its excellent magnification. It is pretty durable, so you should not worry about buying it for your kids. The monocular will last longer in the hands of a mischievous person.

Although Pankoo Monocular is not just for children, it’s also fantastic for adults. Besides hikers, hunters, and wildlife journalists, it is widely used by rangers. In addition to the product, a velvet bag, a cleaning cloth, a dust cover, and a user guide are included. If you aren’t satisfied with the product, you’ll be able to return it within 30 days for a 100% refund.


  • 10x magnifications: This portable telescope provides clear, bright images and a wide field of view with a 10x magnification and 60mm object diameter, so it is perfect for enjoying.
  • Quality image: Featuring the BAK4 prism and fully multi-coated lenses, this monocular telescope is equipped with advanced BAK4 technology. As a monocular’s objective lens becomes larger, more light will enter, resulting in a brighter image. It produces a clear and sharp image without black bars.
  • User friendly: Includes two-section aluminum tripods and a quick-aligning smartphone holder. Remote control monoculars can be used with a smartphone, easy to install, and provides HD images for sharing.
  • Compact & resistance: A compact and sturdy body make it withstand heavy weather. High-purity nitrogen is used in it, which is waterproof and fog proof. It can be used on rainy days and in humid environments without any problems.
  • Easy to return: It can be returned, no questions asked, within 30 days of purchase if you are unsatisfied.


  • Stunning images with ultra-clear detail
  • The 60mm objective lens is bright, clear and provides a wide field of view
  • This item is water-resistant, so rain or spills won’t damage it


  • Due to mediocre packaging, eyecups may arrive warped

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9. MaxUSee 70mm Refractor Telescope

MaxUSee 70mm Telescope for Kids & Astronomy Beginners, Refractor Telescope with Tripod & Finder Scope, Portable Telescope with 4 Magnification eyepieces & Phone Adapter

Refractor telescopes like the MaxUSee F400X70 are perfect for beginners or children. Four interchangeable eyepieces are included so that you can easily switch between them according to your desired magnification. Also included is a Barlow lens that can scale your telescope’s magnification by 3x.

The refractor has a 70mm aperture, which is the same size as most telescopes in this price range. The tripod is tabletop mounted. In addition to terrestrial observations, the MaxUSee is suitable for celestial observations as well. This telescope will primarily focus on the moon, like many other children’s telescopes. We can observe the moon at different magnifications with different eyepieces.


  • Lens and finder scope quality: An Objective Lens with a 70-millimeter large aperture produces clearer images than standard lenses. It’s easier and faster to locate objects with the 5X24 Finder Scope.
  • Magnifications: This portable telescope offers a wide range of magnifications ranging from 16X to 200X, making it the ideal first scope for children and adults new to astronomy.
  • Portable telescope: This telescope is easily transportable and easy to set up. It comes With A Phone Adapter That You Can Use Cell Phone For Video Camera And Image Capturer.
  • Accessories: It also includes a sturdy tabletop tripod with a focal length of 400mm. Included are – 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece, a 3X Barlow Lens, and a Moon Mirror.


  • Both assembling and disembarking are easy.
  • You don’t need any tools for either.
  • It can be carried around like a pot.
  • Customer support and warranty are guaranteed.
  • Moon mirrors work excellently


  • A majority of the items are plastic

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10. HEXEUM 70mm Aperture 500mm Refracting Portable Telescope

Telescope for Kids & Adults - 70mm Aperture 500mm AZ Mount Fully Multi-Coated Optics Astronomical refracting Portable Telescopes, with Tripod Phone Adapter, Carrying Bag, Remote Control

In addition to offering excellent optics that enable users to see objects in space clearly, the HEXEUM Astronomical Refracting Portable Telescopes also protect the eyes. The telescope features impressive features with a focal length of 500mm (7.1) and an aperture of 70mm. This telescope has a fully multi-coated aperture that provides eye protection when viewing.

With this lens, you can view high-definition images. The high magnification of this portable telescope allows it to see objects up close. It comes with replaceable 25mm and 10mm lenses. You will also receive a Barlow lens of 3x magnification measuring 1.25 inches in diameter as part of the package. This easy-to-use telescope is the perfect tool for kids who are just starting to explore science and astronomy.


  • High Magnification: Each eyepiece is tripled in magnification with a 3X Barlow Lens. With an easy-to-mount (5 X 24) finder scope with cross hairlines in its interior, you’ll be able to find anything quickly.
  • Optics quality: This telescope provides stunning views and is safe for your eyes with a 500mm focal length (F/7.1) and a 70mm aperture. An excellent telescope for observing stars and moons.
  • Customer service: Maintenance is a lifetime. Please feel free to contact them at any time if you have questions about the product or service. They will endeavor to answer your questions as soon as possible.
  • Stability & Portability: A carrying bag and an adjustable tripod can be used in a variety of viewing angles. The webcam can be controlled wirelessly over a network. Taking pictures without shaking is much easier. You can take it anywhere!


  • Easy to use and portable.
  • The optics are excellent, and the device is safe to use.
  • The Barlow lens trebles the magnification.
  • Locating objects is easy with the finderscope.


  • It doesn’t have many extra features.

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Best Portable Telescope Buying Guide

Let’s look at how to buy a telescope in this buying guide. There are so many things to see in the sky! We are particularly amazed by the stars at night and the full moon when we can see it with our naked eyes.

This short guide will show you how to choose a telescope. The following points should be considered to choose the best portable telescope.

Key Considerations

  • Weight: The key to packing light is taking a small bag with you when traveling by car, plane, or on foot. We reviewed telescopes weighing from 6 to 36 pounds. Compact, lightweight models are perfect for camping. Heavy models are better suited for road trips. Make sure you do not exceed your carry-on weight allowance if you are flying.
  • Size: The smaller the suitcase, the better. Portability is one of the main benefits of portable telescopes. In some models, the tubes can be removed, reducing their size overall.
  • Aperture: In most cases, technological advancements will have to be sacrificed for travel gadgets. A wide range of apertures from 90mm to 200mm is available in the models we reviewed.
  • Mounting: As there is no need for additional mounting equipment, tabletop telescopes are clearly the winner. Choose a lightweight, foldable tripod if you need one.
  • Ease of setup: You don’t want to spend your vacation aligning your telescope. Simple, fun, and easy to use, point-and-view telescopes allow you to see the stars from any location.
  • Accessories: When you are in one place, having extra accessories is great. It is probably not a good idea to travel with too many gadgets.

You can now choose a telescope using this guide. Choosing an appropriate telescope for you depends on its characteristics and what you plan to use it for.


How big of a telescope do you need to see Saturn rings?

Even the smallest telescope at 25x should be able to see Saturn’s rings. They can be seen as separate structures separated from the planet ball on all sides when viewed through a good 3-inch telescope at 50x.

Can you see Pluto with a telescope?

Observers with advanced equipment can also see the dwarf planet, Pluto. You don’t need a lot of equipment, just a cloud-free area, and a modest telescope. Thus, astronomy is an activity that you can do in quarantine.

What should I look for when buying a telescope?

In general, telescopes with at least 2.8 inches (70 mm) of aperture are preferred. Unlike Burst optics, which primarily mirrors telescopes with complicated mounts, Dobsonian telescopes have a relatively small aperture at a low price. Seeing faint objects and fine details is easier when your aperture is larger.

Is it better to buy a telescope or binoculars?

Binoculars and telescopes both provide an excellent view of space, but telescopes are inherently better. The immense lenses and sturdy supports of astronomers’ telescopes make them more powerful than your average backyard pair of binoculars. They’re bigger, but they’re no less effective. Using the same principles of optical perception, they both accomplish the same task.

Is a 70mm refractor telescope good?

Although many amateur astronomers believe that the 70mm reflector (which collects 36% more light than the 60mm telescope) makes a good first refractor telescope, the 70mm reflector is also an excellent starter telescope. With this telescope, astronomers can observe bright objects such as moon details, star clusters, planets, and bright stars.


The cheapest, most portable telescope you can find will not let you in the dark. Additionally, a more well-built camera will provide durability and reliability, not only in terms of optical performance but also in terms of overall durability.

The number of stars visible in the Southern Hemisphere can make the difference between being awestruck by the Northern Lights or seeing constellations. It will be difficult for you to cope if your “portable” scope fails. Ensure your telescope setup is packed and secured with quality supplies and don’t compromise on quality.

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