Type of Golf Grips

A good golf grip is essential for your game. A golf grip is one of many things you need to do to be a good golfer. A good grip helps you control the ball. The ball will go straight if your wrist is not curved. If it curves, the ball will go up and then … Read more

Type of Golf Club

When you’re on the golf course, it’s important to have the right set of clubs. A good club can help with your accuracy and distance, while a bad one will only hinder your game. The type of golf club you have will depend largely on what kind of golfer you are: an amateur or professional. … Read more

How to Clean Golf Balls

Have you ever wondered how to clean golf balls? One of the more challenging parts of being a golfer is staying on top of all their equipment. Cleaning your golf clubs and maintaining them can be done in less than an hour, but cleaning your golf balls can take up to an entire day. There … Read more