The Best Plasma Cutter Accessories For The Money

Once you’ve tried a plasma cutter accessories, you never go back. Best plasma cutter accessories can make any work easier, especially when dealing with a lot of cutting. Best plasma cutter accessories can be used by anyone including crafters, teachers, construction workers, or just about anyone who cuts. You will want to consider the size and shape of your best cutter when making a purchase.

Choosing the right plasma cutter accessories can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for a precise and effective carving tool or need to cut any materials, have a look through our range of cutters to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here we review the best plasma cutter accessories, so you can choose the right cutter for any kind of your work.

List of 10 Best plasma cutter accessories

These are available in different sizes, shapes, and cutting capacities, which makes it a bit hard to figure out the best option. We suggest you consider the bottom key factors before investing in the plasma cutter accessories to grab the best one.

1. SG-55 AG-60 Plasma Cutter Torch Head Body 40Amp – 60Amp Accessories Consumable kit (Roller Guide Wheel Circinus)

Features :

  • Fit SG-55 AG-60 WSD-60 Plasma Cutter Torch
  • Circinus Roller Guide Wheel

Additional Info :

Color Red
Item Dimensions
Height 0.787401574
Width 0.787401574
Length 13.779527545
Weight 0.881849048

2. Plasma Cutting PT-31 Roller Guide Wheel Spacer Stand-off for Plasma Cutter Torch CUT40 CUT50D LGK40 LG40, Copper, PT-31 Roller Guide Size

Features :

  • Two wheels spacer roller guide——The upgrade double wheel roller guide can fit PT-31 torch / LG40 torch, double wheel roller guide can help PLAXCON PT31 torch maintain balance during cutting
  • Applicable Plasma Torch model——The PT-31 Roller Guide can fit PT-31 / LG-40 plasma cutting torch which can work CUT-40, CUT-50, CUT-50D, LGK-40 plasma cutter machine
  • Can fit different types of PT31 torch——The positioning screws on the Roller guide can help to follow and fix different types of PT31 plasma cutting torch
  • Wheel height can be adjusted——The two wheels of the Roller guide can be adjusted in height, up to 1.81in / 46mm
  • PT-31 plasma cutting consumables, aftermarket part, not original; We provide free after-sales consulting services

Additional Info :

Color Copper

3. Jack&Dave 100 Pcs Plasma Cutting Consumables (Standard) Fit Cut40 50 with Plasma Cutter Torch PT31 LG40

Features :

  • 100PCS Plasma cutting consumables Common
  • Package Include:10 Pcs Cup 30 Pcs Electrodes 20 Pcs Ring 40 Pcs Tip(Common)
  • Fits Stahlwerk CT312, CUT50, ACDC TIG200 PLASMA, CT520, CT512P with PT-31 GUN
  • Fit PT31-GUN
  • For 40 50 Amps Cutting Machine

4. PLAXCON AG-60 Spring Spacer Guide fit CUT50 CUT50D Cut50DP Cut60 LGK60 Plasma Cutter AG60 / SG55 Plasma Cutting Torch Accessories PK-5

Features :

  • Plasma spring guide AG60 / SG55 WSD60 plasma cutting torch consumables
  • AG60 spring guide only can fit Slotted shield cap AG60 torch
  • AG-60 / SG-55 torch work with Cut50 & CUT50D & Cut50DP & CT520D & CT520DP & CUT50P plasma cutter torch
  • The AG60 SG55 Plasma standoff guide can fit AG-60 / SG-55 torch work with CUT60, LGK60, 50DX, 50RX 520D plasma cutter
  • If you have any questions about the product, please contact us. We provide professional customer service

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.9685
Width 1.9685
Length 2.7559

5. P-80 Plasma Cutter Roller Guide Wheel Spacer circle compass stand off Fit Pilot Arc Starting (One Screw Positioning)

Features :

  • fit P80 P-80 Panasonic Plasma Cutter torch
  • Roller Guide Wheel Spacer
  • Fit Pilot Arc Starting
  • inner diametre : 33mm
  • Max Cutting thickness: 40MM

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.5905511805
Width 1.968503935
Length 2.362204722
Weight 0.23

6. Tektall P-80 Plasma Cutter Roller Guide Wheel Spacer circle compass stand off Fit for Pilot Arc Starting

Features :

  • 【Top Quality】 Tektall plasma cutter guide is made of very solid Anti-High-temperature premium material. Well-Machined, Great Tolerance.
  • 【Fitment】 Brand new aftermarket Cutter Guide Wheel Replace for Panasonic 80A-100A Cutting Torch P-80 Panasonic.
  • 【Specification】 Rated welding current: 100A, Max Cutting thickness: 40mm, Bottem inner diameter: Approx 33.5mm.Top inner diameter: Approx 35.5mm.
  • The cutter wheel is well built and rolls nicely, Easy to install.
  • 【Important】 This circle cutter will not fit All plasma cutters due to being sizes differences, You may have to modify for some special machines, Please do match the sizes and fitment. Tektall cutter standoff guide is Must-Roller for your Cutter.

7. Plasma Cutting Torch Consumables, PT31 Consumables Plasma Cutter Accessories, Electrode Tips Cup Kit for HYC45D HYC50D CUT50 PLC50D HYC410 Plasma Cutter 70 PCS (PT31 parts)

Features :

  • [material]: PT31 Plasma cutter consumables made of metal+ceramics,100% brand new,durable and reliable
  • [Wide application]: PT31 consumables Fit ESAB/L-TECPT-31,JG-40and WSD-LG40 Cutting Torch ,used for warfox CUT35,CUT36,CUT45,CUT50 ,X45D,HYC45D,HYC50D,LGK-40 machine
  • [Install easily]:Replace the worn-out parts to finish the cutting project more smoothly
  • [Torch kit Package include ]:30pcs Tips ,30pcs Electrodes ,5pcs Swirl Rings ,5pcs Shield cups
  • [Customer service]: We provide 24-hour professional service,please contact us if you have any question

Additional Info :

Color Gold

8. YESWELDER Plasma Cutter Torch Consumables, 24 Pcs Cutting Torch Nozzles Tips Kit For SG-55 AG-60 WSD-60.

Features :

  • HIGH QUALITY▶ Using high-quality materials, Provides premium strength and durability
  • APPLICATION ▶This consumables are suitable for AG-60 AG-60P SG-55 WSD-60 Cutting Torch ,use for CUT60,CUT60SP,CUT50DP ,CUT50PI,LGK-60 ,LTP 5000 etc plasma cutter
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED▶10 x -Extend Tip+10 x Electrodes+2 x protective cases+2 x isolation blocks
  • MATERIAL▶ Metal + Porcelain
  • OUR PROMISE ▶We strive to provide you with the highest quality product and the best customer experience, if you’re not entirely satisfied, please just feel free to contact us at any time.

Additional Info :

9. QWORK 2 PCS Torch Roller Guide Wheel Plasma Cutting Accessories Scroll wheel for P80 Torch Guide

Features :

  • High quality material: Made of metal material, strong and durable.
  • Type: Guide wheel, Plasma Cutter Torch Roller Guide.
  • Suitable for: P80 cutting gun.
  • Rated welding current: 100A.
  • 100% Satisfied Service: Enjoy a smooth & frustration free experience with our 100% Satisfied Service in one Month.

10. ZFE Quality Spacer Guide For Air Plasma Cutter Cutting Wsd-60P Sg-55 Ag-60 Pack of 5Pcs

Features :

  • ▲100% Brand New with high quality. 5pcs Quality Spacer Guide For Air Plasma Cutter Cutting WSD-60P SG-55 AG-60
  • ▲Can be used in high frequency contact 60A following up of air plasma arc cutting machine series products, high-frequency air plasma is suitable for various brands of 60A following cutting machine. The SG-55 cutting head cutting 18MM thick plate under the current of 60A. This Spacer Guide Suitable for Plasma Cutter WSD-60P SG-55 AG-60
  • ▲It has high grade material – stainless steel. It could service a long time and be protective when using.
  • ▲These torches for Plasma cutting machines such as ,CUT-60,CUT-60D, CT312,CT312D,CT416,CT416D,CT518, CT518D, Super160, Super160P etc.

However, selecting the right device from among the many available ones in the market is not an easy task. But with us by your side, you have nothing to worry about!

List of plasma cutter accessories: Comparison Table

# Product Name Popularity Score Quality Score Sentiment Score Sales Volume
1 SG-55 AG-60 Plasma Cutter Torch Head Body 40Amp - 60Amp Accessories Consumable kit (Roller Guide...
2 Plasma Cutting PT-31 Roller Guide Wheel Spacer Stand-off for Plasma Cutter Torch CUT40 CUT50D LGK40...
3 Plasma Cutting Torch Consumables, PT31 Consumables Plasma Cutter Accessories, Electrode Tips Cup Kit...
4 PLAXCON AG-60 Spring Spacer Guide fit CUT50 CUT50D Cut50DP Cut60 LGK60 Plasma Cutter AG60 / SG55...
5 P-80 Plasma Cutter Roller Guide Wheel Spacer Circle Compass Stand Off Fit Pilot Arc Starting (One...
6 Jack&Dave 100 Pcs Plasma Cutting Consumables (Standard) Fit Cut40 50 with Plasma Cutter Torch PT31...
7 QWORK 2 PCS Torch Roller Guide Wheel Plasma Cutting Accessories Scroll wheel for P80 Torch Guide
8 YESWELDER Plasma Cutter Torch Consumables, 24 Pcs Cutting Torch Nozzles Tips Kit For SG-55 AG-60...
9 Plasma Cutter Torch Consumables, AG60P Consumables Pilot Arc Cutting Torch Tip Nozzles AG60P AG60...
10 Plasma Stencil - Square Cutter Guide - 5 pc. Kit - .380"


How to Choose the Best plasma cutter accessories?

To help you pick the best plasma cutter accessories for your tasks, examine these very important aspects.

  • Comfortable Grips- The grip design is essential to the operation. You will be exerting a considerable amount of force, so you want to make sure you have something that is both comfortable in your hand and easy to hold onto. While it shouldn’t be a driving reason to consider a plasma cutter accessories, it is something to prioritize during selection.
  • Foldable Design- If you need to carry plasma cutter accessories in a tool bag, you might want to invest in a set designed with that in mind. This is especially true if you know you will need longer handles for an increased mechanical advantage. Again, this is not a standard design feature, so you will need to search specifically for sets that offer it.
  • Adjustable Blade- Most plasma cutter accessories features an adjustable blade. With this adjustment, you can set the proper cutting depth to fine-tune performance. How this adjustment is made can vary, and it is something to pay careful attention to. You want to make sure that the mechanism is both easy to use and will provide reliable results.
  • Cutting Style or Angle- If you think all plasma cutter accessories cut in exactly the same way, it’s time to take a close look at the ones you’re thinking about buying. plasma cutter accessoriess actually have different cut styles, or angles, which creates different end results. You can choose from angled, shear, clipper, or center cut plasma cutter accessories. Each of these types of cuts can shape how you position yourplasma cutter accessories, how much pressure is applied to one point, and how the jaws open.
  • Hydraulic or Hand-Powered- Most plasma cutter accessories are powered by nothing but your own force applied via the handles. However, you can opt for a hydraulic plasma cutter accessories if you’d like. In these tools, a motor powers the cutting blades via a hydraulic piston. That piston moves the blades with increased force — more force than you could likely create with hand- and handle-operated plasma cutter accessories. Hydraulic plasma cutter accessories is especially helpful if you’re trying to cut through thicker locks.


plasma cutter accessories are offered in a wide range of sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42-inches. The cutter size will affect its capacity to cut through a variety of materials and metal thicknesses.

Small plasma cutter accessories

Small plasma cutter accessories that size 8, 10-inch, 12-inch, or 14-inches in length are primarily meant to cut through thinner chains and pry off bolts that have a soft to medium hardness. These types of plasma cutter accessories, such as the outstanding Knipex Tools plasma cutter accessories, are also quite popular as they are sturdy, fit in tight, confined locations, and enable on-the-go versatility.

Medium Sized plasma cutter accessories

Medium-sized plasma cutter accessories range in size from 18-inches-24 -inches. They can be utilized with soft and medium-to-hard metals. As a medium bolt cutter has a long handle, it provides better leverage for cutting through bulky things such as padlocks and removing bolts.

Large plasma cutter accessories

Large plasma cutter accessories that measure 30-42-inches are suitable for cutting through medium-hard metal components such as thick steel chains, copper cable, steel rods, and large bolts and padlocks. These heavy-duty tools include super-strong steel jaws and longer handles that provide you with improved leverage and bolt-busting strength for particularly demanding work.


The cutter’s jaws and blade edge must be built of strong, sturdy, and hard steel for maximum cutting power.

Most plasma cutter accessories are forged from chrome molybdenum or chrome vanadium steel. Both forms of steel are strong and durable. Powder-coated steel prevents rust and corrosion.

Rockwell Scale

Any knife or ax will have a Rockwell Hardness Scale-made blade. The Rockwell Scale’s HRC code indicates steel’s hardness and durability. Higher RHC means tougher steel.


Handles must offer the appropriate leverage to expand the jaws so they may grab and cut metal with less effort.

Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue. The plasma cutter accessories may feature thick molded plastic handles, like the Capri Tools CP40209 40209 8-inch Klinge Mini plasma cutter accessories or rolling steel handles with cushioned non-slip rubber grips.


A heavier plasma cutter accessories offers more metal-crushing force, but it causes fatigue over time. A lightweight plasma cutter accessories is perfect for quick chores and everyday transport, but not for heavy-duty tasks. Consider the tasks you must complete. Keep a heavy and a lightweight bolt cutter in your toolbox.

Questions and Answers

  • Which cutters are best for electricians, according to #1?

Ans: Depending on your line of work, you could need a cutter that meets specified requirements. For instance, plasma cutter accessoriess with a needle-nose are used by electricians. They have tapered jaws that make it simple for them to bend wires and insert them into panels that are too small for any other type of cutter or plier to fit.

How should I pick a cutter?
  • Ans: When selecting a cutter, there are a few things to consider. Consider, for instance, the blade’s ability to cut, the handles’ length and insulation, the material from which they are formed, etc. Different plasma cutter accessories are used for various tasks. Choose the option that will enable you to complete your assignment with the very minimum amount of effort.
3. What distinguishes cutters from strippers?
  • Ans: Contrary to what their names might imply, cutters focus primarily on cutting, whilst wire strippers assist in removing the insulation.
4. If I cut a cable wire, would I get electrocuted?
  • Ans: There is a chance of electrocution while cutting a cable wire. Wire cutters include handles with rubber insulation to absorb such unforeseen shocks to reduce this risk.
5. For what purpose do cutters have holes?
  • The wire cutters’ holes make it easier to use small bolts and screws. To achieve this, one must thread a bolt or screw the correct length into the appropriate-sized hole. When the handles are squeezed together, the bolt or screw will have a clean trim without any damage to the threads.
6. How are heavy-duty cuts?
  • Ans: Working with heavy-duty jobcan be demanding and difficult. You need a variety of heavy-duty wire cutters to successfully cut heavy-duty wires in order to ease the difficulty of this challenging work.

The following is a list of some safety advice you can use when cutting through heavy-duty wires.

  • To protect your eyes, you must use eye protection. This will shield you from any mishaps and stop dust, debris, and other flying objects from getting in your eyes.
  • To ensure that the contact between the wire and the cutter is stable, cut the wire at an angle. This will stop any slippage-related mishaps.
  • In order to prevent the plasma cutter accessories from flying off your palm and landing somewhere else, you must firmly grasp the handle.
  • The plasma cutter accessories needs to be constantly oiled and lubricated to stay in top shape and cut wires effectively.
  • We have compiled a list of the various plasma cutter accessoriess that are offered on the market. Every one of the products listed is specifically made for its assigned function and falls into a designated category.

Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive list containing the aforementioned attributes to make the challenging decision of choosing the right plasma cutter accessories simple.

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